#139 – desserting

May 2nd, 2008

#139 – desserting


Discussion (12)¬

  1. Bronson says:

    I see what you did there.

    Two puns in one panel. Gosh dang.

  2. walnut49 says:

    A reddit shirt? Seriously?

    I just lost all respect for this guy.

  3. Eduardo says:

    I was waiting on those food jokes for over 30 pages.

  4. Alice Quinn says:

    Greg reminds me of Wallace from Scott Pilgrim, its probably the hair

  5. The Prolific Mr. Ano says:

    I can't wait for everyone to shut up about Scott Pilgrim.

    • Catherine says:

      i second that motion.

      • wykstrad says:

        Nope, the comments are still up on the web page- I guess that means that people are still talking about it. Or something. I can't really figure out why someone in October would be responding to someone in June about this. To borrow some inspiration from the post below, the Scott Pilgrim discussion has become unstuck in time.

  6. Bookwhore says:

    Who is Scott Pilgrim? Is he anything to do with Billy Pilgrim out of Slaughterhouse Five?

  7. Jesse says:

    Wil Wheaton uses Reddit.

  8. SofakingAMAZING says:

    Pun master. *claps*