#001 – pea wiggle

May 14th, 2007

#001 – pea wiggle


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  2. Waferman says:

    Huh. The art style has changed significantly, but very subtly, unlike some comics. Nice!

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  5. Jen says:

    Whats a pea wiggle? o-o

  6. Scumbi says:

    I really like this comic…but I have to say I kind of miss the old style. The new style is really rad too. But..I dunno. u.u I kinda like how Ning looks more grumpy in the earlier chapters..xD

  7. Ouzo says:

    As a service to those people trying to find when the Alt text or Hovertext started, strip 256 is where you need to go ;)
    but then you would miss out on 255 great comic strips, bet there are a few you cant remember.

  8. Dennisthemenace says:

    I return to the origin……such a strange beginning to what is now emotional malevolence….sigh* miss gran I slow clap to you

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