#940 – waddup mrs. t

Sorry for the hiccup - I'm back from a camping trip, and I'm just gonna pick up from today.

For this one I wanted to capture the two distinct feelings of sex at your own place and in your parents' house, and Eve being jerked from one setting to another. Eve and Will already live in that liminal space of having some indifferent figure down the hall or at the door at all times. Sex is both a secret and the slobbishly mundane behavior of roommates. But a mother - even someone else's mother, even a guest - adds a layer of childlike deception to the act, accompanied by guilt. Just another issue Eve is going to need to resolve outside of a closed bedroom door.

9 thoughts on “#940 – waddup mrs. t

  1. Wait…where did Eve's panties appear from? Is she picking them off the floor in the last two panels?

    1. Yeah, the implication is that they were torn off and left there on the way to the bedroom.

  2. I've always enjoyed Will's complete lack of embarrassment on this page. It contrasts well with Eve on the verge of melting into a puddle.

    1. I took it as him coming to Eve's rescue, being loud and boisterous enough that Eve doesn't have to stammer her way out of the conversation.

      I also enjoy the delicate three-way negotiation of decorum, with Hanna facing away, Will hugging Mrs. Thompson and presumably blocking part of her vision, and Mrs. Thompson pointedly looking in Hanna's direction to ask a question, all of which allow Eve to surreptitiously retrieve her panties, which have been in the middle of the room since before Mrs. Thompson arrived.

      1. Hans Øvland Tjelle

        And then Hannah characteristicaly lampshading the whole situation in the last panel.

      2. This is a solid read that I can't disagree with but isn't how I ever interpreted things. I'm not sure I picture Will as situationally aware enough to pull that off.

        1. Fair enough, but he went from "naked and lounging in bed, waiting for Eve to get back" to "reasonably clothed, bursting out the bedroom door past half-clothed Eve" in an impressive amount of time. Could just be his boisterous nature, I guess.

  3. Hans Øvland Tjelle

    Man, whenever I read comics or watch videos or whatever, and people are standing close to each other, touching each other, hugging and whatnot, I instinctively cringe! The pandemic has really messed with what my brain interprets as acceptable behaviour o.O

  4. What exactly is the significance is of washing dishes in Octopus Pie? It's repeated just enough for me to think it's being used symbolically— Dawn is washing dishes while (s)mothering Eve in the first comics; they're drying them together when they reconcile towards the end; in the animated 2013 Christmas special, Eve struggles with (seasonal?) depression, but manages to get up and wash them; and here, Mrs. Thompson is doing them and hands them off to her daughter.

    Maybe it represents life's Sisyphean struggles, that each generation passes from parent to child?

    (I despise doing dishes, personally.)

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