#313 – it gets the job done

Today's comic is in its original unshaded black & white because it was assembled on my studiomate Aaron's computer. (thanks Aaron!) Over the weekend, my computer melted down, and I had to replace the whole thing. It's been a crappy couple of days, and I'd rather forget the whole thing, but I'm still without my workstation. So please excuse the sluggish updates. This storyline is going to be a short one, and when it's over, I may be making some changes to the way OP is updated. More on that Friday!

27 thoughts on “#313 – it gets the job done

  1. I dig the black and white look :O

  2. I like the b/w too! It's hip. All of your art styles are really fun and great though 🙂

  3. Best wishes for your ailing computer, we've all been there. I'll light a candle.

  4. As long as "making some changes to the way OP is updated" doesn't equal 'no updates', I'll still be happy.

    Like I've said, you're my artistic equivalent to Batman.

  5. Does this way of drawing require more effort? Like, are you having difficulties when you can't use shading and only black and white?

    If that's not the case (which I assume), I wouldn't mind you sticked to it. I really like it and it looks great. I love this one.

  6. No mouseover text :[

    I live for those things, goddammit!

    Oh, comic's still good, though.

    1. Aw come on, she posted it despite her computer being broken. Cut her some slack

  7. looks like someone is starting to move around Portland 😀

    Portland has the most Micro-Breweries per capita then anywhere else in the world ~nods

  8. sucks about the computer, I hope it gets sorted out soon for you.

  9. Are those monkey bones in the corner?

  10. Hooray for a beer based storyline!!

    Boo for a computer that craps out on you *thumbs down*

  11. Is that….is that the skeleton of a small child or "little person" in the last panel?

    1. It looks more like, as Cisco pointed out, a bunch of monkey bones. Those teeth are far too sharp for little children, unless they are vampire children (but then they’d be glittering, too, so I think we can rule that possibility out, thanks to Ms. Stephenie Meyer).

  12. Love the little skeleton on the shelf in the last panel – I can’t wait to see where this story goes. Who doesn’t love a good microbrew?

  13. "You know what we can't keep on the shelves?" "Those flimsy coupon dispensers you bought?"

    Love. It.

  14. Haha, Go beer!
    Grandma cooking is always good, so it’s only natural that her beer would be to.

  15. Tragically, "Olly's Awesome Summer Cabbage Ale" went over like porkchops at a seder.

  16. Seems like it is been a while since we have seen Olly.

    Personally, I like the shading. But this is very good too! I'm excited to see where this goes.

  17. I hate to drag reality into comics, but as a homebrewer, I have to point out the ridiculous legal crap that comes with trying to sell beer you make yourself.

  18. Man, I love beer. Best story line ever.

  19. Good luck, Meredith. Brooklyn is pulling for you!

  20. I'm amazed at how this comic often coincides with my actual life (kind of). Yesterday, I just acquired some very coveted tickets to Madison, Wisconsin's Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival. Oh man I hope Nana's Bungalow Valley Blonde is there!

  21. 'It gets the job done' is a fantastic attribute to give anything. Try it on pens, cell phones, short-term boyfriends, and fried food.

  22. Dead Guy Ale, sadly is already taken. Tastily. delightfully taken. Oregon has one of my fave breweries, ROGUE – I would include a visit to them with any trip out west. Assuming they'd have me.

    Olly's Missing Monkey Ale?

  23. What I love most about your work is that even without the textures and such, it's still great. Hope you get your computer fixed. I definitely know how that feels (mine is on the verge i feel…).

  24. Intersting Beaver

    "Olly's Fukken Shit"

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