#003 – broken up forever

Lots of puns in these early pages, alas. You will either miss them or not; either way, a tragedy.

5 thoughts on “#003 – broken up forever

  1. She was making fun of James! Right? Actually, I'm not sure how she feels about what he was saying, but she's definitely riffing on it.

    I always liked Eve's mom exactly as much as it was hard for me to guess what she was thinking, which was a lot.

  2. "I wish I’d drawn more 9/11 pillows."

    It's never too late

  3. There were a lot of in-jokes I didn’t get until the second or third reading on these? Like I didn’t notice mom’s obsession with 9/11 until it was pretty heavy handed later on, but then on rereading noticed it everywhere. Point being things like that made OP feel less like a gag comic and more like a serialized graphic novel.

  4. Something that was really cool about the original OP run was how atypical the comments were–which is to say they were usually sweet, insightful and basically the platonic ideal of an internet comment section. Looking forward to hearing y'all's thoughts again!

  5. Don't put down your puns, that's unnecessarily punitive.

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