#233 – on the offensive

There is now a donation button under the comic. I'd like to post about this just once. As I've made clear before, I'm not in immediate danger. I have health insurance, a little bit of emergency savings, and friends and family who would help me if I needed them. So please, don't worry about my kitty getting the flu or my snow tires popping on I-91. These are not comic-related problems and they're not your concern. As everyone's figured out by now, times are tough. And what I don't have is an actual salary. I sink almost every last penny earned through this website into rent, office/art supplies, and new merch. My hours are long, often extending through my weekends. It's essentially 2 full-time jobs rolled into one, with a fraction of a single paycheck. And while that sort of workload will never bother me as long as I'm drawing what I love, the constant question of where the money will come from, week by week, is daunting. There will be no status bars, no "save the comic" charity drives. You know I'm not giving up on the comic, no matter what. You know I will continue to update 3 times a week, without fail, whether you donate or not. If you can afford to donate, you will be doing an incredible service to me and to the comic. If you can't afford to donate - if you're in the same boat as me - consider writing a blog post, e-mailing a few of your friends, or lending out the books you already own. In the long run, a bigger readership will make a difference. The donation button will be up until I no longer deem it necessary. I believe this time will come in 2009, when Octopus Pie's inventory and audience will have grown to fit one another's needs. Until then, I ask that you, my small (but mighty!) readership, help the comic through its growing pains and into another great year. Thanks so much.

3 thoughts on “#233 – on the offensive

  1. Reading this kind of stuff really makes me feel bad… I'm loving this comic so much, it has inspired me to make the one that I'm planning on doing even better… and I don't have the money to help…

    I hope to be able one day! Keep up the good and amazing work that you do!

  2. i love how quickly eve goes from concerned daughter to bossy older sister.

  3. Wow… what a coincidence. Just re-reading the whole series and I had dinner at the Triple Crown yesterday. I haven't been there in over a year.

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