#700 + 701 – love is a pretty sweet fruit

August 25th, 2014

#700 + 701 – love is a pretty sweet fruit

That’s the end of this arc, as well as comic #700! We did it. Together.

My latest book, Octopus Pie: Dead Forever has been nominated for an Ignatz Award! I’m honored to be listed with a lot of wonderful artists. Check out the full list here.

We’re so close with the Patreon campaign – just $200 away! If you pledge you can help fund full-color comics in the very near future.


Discussion (41)¬

  1. Yotomoe says:

    "We don't have cable so I haven't been able to catch my Soaps. This is the next best thing."

  2. Comment Man says:

    Don't end the arc here! There's more words to be exchanged.

    • HikaruYami says:

      Spoiler: Larry figures everything out for him. We'll find out in the next arc how Will is actually going to act on the epic sage advice he'll have received off-screen.

  3. @nalem says:

    Hahahaha MAN I love Larry

    Also, congrats on the nomination! :) <3

  4. TomW says:

    Larrryyyyyy. <3

  5. Krishna says:

    Larry's already caught them all, so now he's a friendship master.

  6. sirBloble says:

    Oh my god. Olly has slowly gone crazy over the coarse of the comic. I think he's my favorite charactor now.

  7. Hanna says:

    I love Larry.

  8. KittyHorrible says:

    DJ Swiva-Swiva is IN DA HOUSE!

  9. thistemporarylifeblog says:


  10. JennyB says:

    I can't pick a favorite – Olly's shelved head or Larry's quick-action shift into listening mode. They're killing me!

  11. Foop says:

    Goddamn it this arc had me by the balls. I feel the symptoms of withdrawal setting in. It hurts.

  12. bugbomb says:

    We need coffee and some beanbags, stat.

  13. Kathleen says:

    Hell yeah.

  14. Dengarde says:

    Dude, Larry is a fucking BRO.

    I need him in my life.

  15. Naomi Maria says:

    I didn’t like Larry at all, until today.

  16. laura.s says:



  17. Lurker says:

    Nice, Larry. The guy wants to sit and talk about serious shit, and you take away the only chair in the room. </3

  18. Marvin Choi says:

    OMG YES!


  19. grantimusmax says:

    WONDERBRO POWERS, ACTIVATE! Form of: therapist! Shape of: older brother back from college!

  20. kamesen says:

    I just noticed that Olly is undoing his belt as he walks to the bathroom, whilst remarking wistfully on love. Oh, Olly.

    Also I LOVE how Will's word bubbles are set up in panel 9. I read it with a brief pause between each few words, like he's hesitant about asking Larry. It makes Larry's immediacy of action even more endearing.

  21. Lane says:

    Larry's room is so unexpectedly tidy.

  22. avstron says:

    that's a very good supportive attitude.

  23. woooow says:

    He put the bro cap on. Will better be ready for some serious bro truthness.

  24. Amelia says:

    I thought this arc was wonderfully done. I really enjoy your pacing and page structure in general, and thought your skills were displayed well here. Looking forward to seeing what happens to our beloved heroes. : )

  25. Jambles says:

    I can’t wait to see what comes next! I never thought an online comic would be so enriching to my life, but over the last few years you have proven me wrong. And yes, WIN ALL THE AWARDS

  26. aleksi says:

    Larry is the male equivalent of Wisdom Bitch. Will is gonna get ALL his shit put together.

  27. blissfeldt says:

    earnest LOL

  28. jon says:

    Larry then writes these sessions up (changing the names, of course) and sells them to amateur psychologist websites.

    He's rolling in dough.

  29. Skinny Panda says:

    New favourite. So many minute details captured in both illustration and text; Olly unbuckling his belt, Eve's tired eyes, the urgent chair swivel in response to Will's halting request for a chat.

    Your have given flesh and bones to these characters Meredith.

  30. I'd like to imagine that cap is always off panel, ready to be grabbed at a moment's notice.

  31. Clairikine says:

    As do I, Larry, as do I.

  32. Donnyfightworld says:

    Olly :<

  33. Kate says:

    Again with the fruit and the peeing! Powerful symbolism. 0_0

    (PS Congratulations! Brownout Biscuit is one of my favorite storylines ^_^)

  34. Liz says:

    Where did Larry Get the hat?? o.o

  35. Dogthing says:

    larry is the most on-the-case dude

  36. Arkadi says:

    Noooo whyyyy must the arc end here nooooooo >_<

  37. Devon says:

    I don't think I could put on a hat AND swivel a chair at the same time. You go, Larry!

  38. I feel the symptoms of withdrawal setting in. It hurts…!!!