#673 – whatever you can

June 3rd, 2014

#673 – whatever you can

Did you hear I’m going to be in Charlottesville, VA on Friday, June 6th for a signing at the Telegraph gallery? Come by – there will be brand new prints, books, and I’ll be doing sketches and signatures! And my dog Heidi will be giving out cuddles and pets (god what a diva).


Discussion (52)¬

  1. Donnie says:

    Nothing says a shitty night in NY like douchebags getting free weed and you getting a punch to the face…

  2. Yotomoe says:

    And so he folds it into a swan.

  3. I'm really enjoying how seamless the tone shifts between pages of Will's little adventure. It's been a joy to follow.

  4. Donnyfightworld says:

    I'd probably wash my hands too after dealing with those douchers.

  5. Benoit says:

    Glad to see Will "ok" after this nasty scene. That is because I have become quite emotionally invested in the life occurrences of fictional characters.

    Thank you Meredith!

  6. Meepsyo says:

    I've never seen a bathroom so absolutely covered in Sharpie scrawl.

  7. lilyhelenB says:

    Will needs a cuddle.

  8. Dojomouse says:

    You say cuddle, I say katana

  9. Esco says:

    The bathroom graffiti panel is amazing. Also, whenever "If u can't handle me at my worst, u don't deserve me at my best" appears I damn near throw up.

  10. MerchManDan says:

    SHIT, that's right – the fuckers never actually PAID. Aw man Will, what're you gonna do?

  11. Musculus says:

    Is putting photos of chicken on the walls of public bathrooms a typically Brooklyn thing?

  12. patatoes says:

    Wait, the douchebags still have his weed? For free?! They do not deserve that. >:|

  13. Lucian says:

    I'm looking at that photo in his wallet. And it doesn't look like Aimee…

  14. Laxantes says:

    Nobody wants you either way, bitch! <—- LOL!!!

  15. GreenwolfeESL says:

    Is that a 50 he's looking at in panels 4-5.5? Is he putting down a 10 or a 50 for drinks? So he's not broke, just SOOL?

    • @tanquerel says:

      He probably just realised that since the douchbags didn't pay for the weed, he can't use that 50 bucks for drinks, cause he owes it to his boss for the lost weed… leaving him with whatever cash he got left to drink away his pain and anger and bad life choices.

      At least that's how I understood it?

  16. Evan says:

    But he still had his backpack when he was running away? Where did it go? I thought his weed was in there…

  17. Kelly Starchild says:

    someone stole an 8th of weed and now I'm destitute lmao

  18. tzeentchling says:

    Who are the people in the photo in his wallet?

  19. Steve B. says:

    I've always had a theory that the people who write bathroom graffiti are probably also responsible for 99% of the world's other problems.

  20. So basically he should go back in the morning and get paid.

  21. steelbright says:

    I just want Will to run into one of his friends to see how they deal with the emotional stuff here. (EVE COME COMFORT WILL IN HIS DISTRESS WITH MORBID HUMOR AND….MATTRESSES)

  22. None says:

    Will is rugged and charming. But in the long run, Eve was right about him. He is good for a casual relationship but not serious boyfriend material.

  23. Amelia says:

    Meredith, you're breaking my heart over here. Poor Will.

    Also, love the detail with the bathroom graffiti. Feels so familiar.

  24. delani says:

    Wait, how much does a beer in Brooklyn cost? I'm sure ten dollars can cover atleast 2 pbrs.

  25. hatsface says:

    Second panel is just great.

  26. A.J. says:

    Is that an Umphrey's McGee sticker on the paper towel dispenser?