#640 – all right

February 12th, 2014

#640 – all right

Have you guys seen the Octopus Pie Patreon campaign?. The idea behind it is that I’ll be able to take on less freelance, spend more time on the comic, and get cool things like health insurance. And there are a few rewards involved, including more comics, e-books, sketchbook and process drawings. Check it out if you are looking for a very inexpensive way to support the comic!

I’m also still doing the flea market art sale! This is a limited time thing. You can select from a list of storylines, and I’ll pick out a page you’ll love, for just $30-40!

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Discussion (27)¬

  1. Pieman says:

    YAY! Well done, Marek!

  2. DrDenorax says:


  3. PleaseInsertPun says:

    Marek's eyes: still there.

  4. @nanhack says:

    The happy calm before the awful storm…I'm not ready for dis.

  5. Sammytown says:

    is it weird that i feel like i know more about marek as a character now that we've seen his eyes?

  6. Jillian says:

    Ahhh, his EYES! Looks like Marek got a haircut for the big day. Either that or his man bangs are hiding under the cap.

  7. humphreyboagart says:

    Does merek have eyes all the time now??? I sure hope he won’t. The eyelessness gave him a pleasant sense of mystery.

  8. elton john says:

    tense ol' hanna =[

  9. Ole Fuckface says:

    Been there, Eve! It's tough when somebody you really wanna stalk is unstalkable. But, fortune telling is a fun way to pretend you know what's going on w/r/t the mysteries in your life. A degree in Astrology & Parapsychology from the Stratford Career Institute will get you started for pennies a day! Learn the basics of crystal dowsing! astrology! palmistry! the i ching! and so much more.

  10. People act different in a crowd, and I never got it. I used to not know what shout, 'cause it felt forced, but I've found just whistling in any fashion at all works, and it's kinda fun to just whistle randomly,


  12. Guest says:

    Oh shit, he has eyes

  13. @ashdraws says:

    Marek getting a hair cut feels like the biggest shock for some reason. o_o

  14. Col says:

    I feel like Eve is being a bad friend. She can talk about her dream later. Hanna looks like she needs a good friend right now.

  15. laura says:

    agreed, man.

  16. squiggles says:

    Have you ever been to a graduation? I DARE you to go to one and sit still and quiet through it all. Depending on the college and the speaker it can last a good 6 hours. And it's very clear in the art that other people are talking and it's a large crowd. Marek probably can barely see them.

    As for Hanna, maybe they are oblivious. That doesn't make them bad friends, just unobservant. Or maybe they're waiting for Hanna to come to them.

  17. sui says:



  18. Rezmason says:

    Marek's been in school for seven years.

  19. chrom says:

    does anybody remember what marek's major was????

  20. nova says:

    How much time has passed in the comic from the first strip to here?

  21. Danny says:

    Marek's eyes…Park…

    Is this a loose end tying up to reveal the conclusion of "Octopus Pie?"

    Are you ending the comic, Meredith?