#609 – the wisdom bitch

June 23rd, 2013

#609 – the wisdom bitch


Discussion (18)¬

  1. Arkadi says:

    What's that bag Eve is carrying? Was she taking the trash out?

  2. @JoeBlubaugh says:

    Hanna has the best teeth. The BEST

  3. SYLWB says:

    Support your local wisdom bitch.

  4. wykstrad says:

    Eve has been trying to give herself this nickname for the longest time, I'm guessing.

    Also, Clark set his journo pad down. Cut to editor's office: "You've gotten in too deep, Li. You were supposed to deliver the story of the century, but instead you went native."

    • HateMachine says:

      Please tell me his editor is J. Jonah Jameson. PLEASE.

      The arc will culminate in the editor demanding that Jane bring him photos of the Guild of the Ristretto.

  5. Marvin Choi says:

    Haha, those teeth on Hanna are the best

  6. Other says:

    I need a cross stich of that alt text to hang in my place.

  7. Chekhov's Forgotten Notepad, panel 4.

  8. Bruno Guedes says:

    Wisdom Bitch, do answer me, what the heck happened to Hanna's teeth? D:

  9. Jess z says:

    The article will probably focus more on Hanna, I think he found his muse. lol

  10. karinpa says:

    This is gonna end baaaaaad. Clark journal must be full of critics and they will found out : (

  11. Mescorts says:

    Respect da #wisdombitch chipowww