#609 – the wisdom bitch

June 23rd, 2013

#609 – the wisdom bitch


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  1. Arkadi says:

    What's that bag Eve is carrying? Was she taking the trash out?

  2. @JoeBlubaugh says:

    Hanna has the best teeth. The BEST

  3. SYLWB says:

    Support your local wisdom bitch.

  4. wykstrad says:

    Eve has been trying to give herself this nickname for the longest time, I'm guessing.

    Also, Clark set his journo pad down. Cut to editor's office: "You've gotten in too deep, Li. You were supposed to deliver the story of the century, but instead you went native."

    • HateMachine says:

      Please tell me his editor is J. Jonah Jameson. PLEASE.

      The arc will culminate in the editor demanding that Jane bring him photos of the Guild of the Ristretto.

  5. @Nonwrestler says:

    Best alt text. 😀

  6. Marvin Choi says:

    Haha, those teeth on Hanna are the best

  7. Other says:

    I need a cross stich of that alt text to hang in my place.

  8. Chekhov's Forgotten Notepad, panel 4.

  9. Bruno Guedes says:

    Wisdom Bitch, do answer me, what the heck happened to Hanna's teeth? D:

  10. Jess z says:

    The article will probably focus more on Hanna, I think he found his muse. lol

  11. karinpa says:

    This is gonna end baaaaaad. Clark journal must be full of critics and they will found out : (

  12. Mescorts says:

    Respect da #wisdombitch chipowww