#607 – well well

June 13th, 2013

#607 – well well

Chicago peeps! I’m going to be at CAKE this weekend!
I don’t get to do many Chicago appearances so I’m pumped! Look for me at Table 22, with my pal Georgia Webber. I’ll have some Marceline and OP books, as well as some minis, and I’ll do sketches and stuff! Y’know the deal.


Discussion (27)¬

  1. Greg Gregly says:

    I can only hope there are more intense moments between Clark and other members of the cast. Refreshing stuff

  2. baronhaynes says:

    Analysis Kombat.

  3. Xample says:

    “Hanna & Clark”, Thursdays on Bravo!

  4. Marvin Choi says:

    oh god Hanna is a BEAST

  5. notmarkflynn says:

    "C'mere, ya knucklehead!" Then Hanna gives him a noogie. Slightly too hard on purpose. So he KNOWS his damn PLACE.

  6. sethnlilley says:

    Heh heh… Heh… do you have any designer brand water around? I need to splash some on my face.

  7. Olle says:

    It's like a strange reimagining of that scene from Casino Royale.

  8. MerchManDan says:

    OK, what could be formerly ironic, yet no longer? Probably that kitten hanging onto a tree branch.

    Also: Smushed roach? Gross. Unless they leave it there as a warning to other roaches.

  9. JennyB says:

    Ah the tension in the air! Hanna makes a formidable foe.

  10. Pieman says:

    Holmes and Moriarty meet at last.

  11. Qiam says:

    Hanna is the skillful master at psychological judo.

  12. Chris Dedos says:

    Yay, I'll be volunteering @ CAKE on Sunday

  13. Arkadi says:

    You're not the alpha bitch here, Clark ^^

  14. nalem says:

    Haha, you can't break Hanna, Clark. DEAL WITH IT.

  15. Omnithea says:

    We're just a few panels away from them revealing embarrassing fetishes and favorite sexual positions based on a handshake.

  16. anonymous says:

    They're both right. That's what makes it funny.

  17. Nice Idiot says:

    NO-ONE messes with Hanna.

  18. zanglebert says:

    In some alternate universe, Hanna is a pretty successful middle-management type person, fluent in powertalk(TM) and all. Good thing weed exists in the non-alternate universe.

  19. MenachemSchmuel says:

    I just want to see a few pages of Marek describing the apartment.

    • wykstrad says:

      Yeah, any guesses as to the poster? I think it's a "HANG IN THERE" kitten, and stopped being ironic around the time Marek could see the light at the end of his manuscript.

  20. I would DVR the hell out of that TV show.

  21. I just discovered Octopus Pie last week thanks to Boxer Hockey. And now I've read everything. From the beginning. Color me hooked.

  22. 7anac says:

    irresistible force meets immovable object