#422 – a good friend

December 17th, 2010

#422 – a good friend

Oh boy, come back Monday!


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  1. Earl says:

    Meredith, you are the worst tease. And because Marigold is still in wide-eyed shock and hasn't eaten the baked good, Monday's strip can go in so many different directions. Worst. Tease. >:(

  2. Rufus says:

    When I got here, I was going to be all like, "Meredith, you're awesome for the amount of these you been churnin' out." But damn. Eve blurting is so great and terrible.

    • StJason says:

      Just wait for next week. She'll tell Mari about the Brownout Cookie, and it'll be all like the Matrix except not crappy…

      Actually, I was thinking about this the other day. One of the things that makes OP so great is the main character isn't 'good' or 'special' or 'different'. Eve is an Everyman who stumbles from something that frightens her to something that embarrasses her to something even more horrible. In this, she is infinitely relateable. We are all there, questioning our own value, running from our fears, just trying to make it through a field of bad and worse decisions. Bravo, Meridith, you've created literature.

  3. Hoo-ya says:

    RIGHT on the mouf…

  4. NextChamp says:

    I love where this could go.

    Either Eve is saying this now because she want's to admit it before her memory is wiped.

    Or she's so wracked with guilt that she hopes she doesn't eat the thing and try to mend her friendship.

    Or it could just get very 'Terms of Endearment' and it becomes a weep fest.

    Bring on Monday!

    • Humps-Freely says:

      I Believe This Is Eve's Attempt To Help Marigold Build Up Her Character, However, Before She Can Help Marigold About Her Issues With Will, She Has To Lay Everything On The Table, SO It Doesn't Come Back And Screw Everything Up Again.

      It Would Be Horrible If Marigold Were To Actually Get Over Will, Not Simply Forget Via Muffin Induced Amnesia, And Then Find Out Will And Eve Had A Chance Encounter, As It Would Eventually Get Out.

      So Eve Is Telling Marigold, As A Means To Prevent Marigold From Getting Unnecessarily Hurt Further, As It Is More Important To Have Marigold Actually Get Over Him, Not To Keep A Secret.

      • Shannon says:

        You Provided Some Very Valid Points But I Do Not Understand Your Very Peculiar Capitalization Techniques.

        • jenna says:

          I'm With Shannon On This. Sorry, Buddy.

        • Nathan says:

          Don't You Think It's A Little Unfair That Only A Few Words Per Paragraph Get The Chance To Be Something More Than "Lower-case"?

          Man But Typing Like This Is Counterintuitive.

        • Miciah says:

          Look at the name: Humps-Freely.

          (If you don't get it, look up CamelCase.)

          • dunn says:

            Oh! I get it now.

            I feel dirty for what I originally thought that name meant….

          • Humps-Freely says:

            Hmmm, Miciah, Hate To Burst Your Bubble, Since You Were Attempting To Defend Me And All, But I Type In Start Case, Not CamelCase. So, As Much As I Would Like To Take Credit For Such A Claim, I Can Not Do So.

            Humps-Freely Is A Nickname That Is Comes From The Fact My Last Name Is Humphrey.

            I Type Like This Cause I Have OCD And It Drives Me Insane For Some Reason When I Type In Normal/Sentence Case.

          • The Count says:

            No you don't.

  5. Randall Drew says:

    …with tongue?! Can't wait for Monday!

  6. becky says:

    wow, the pacing of this strip is incredible! i love the first panel

  7. Pattom says:


  8. MGreen says:

    On the mouth.

    I wonder if that muffin is truly the love-amnesia muffin?

  9. Matt says:

    Best alt text ever.

  10. Niallsb says:

    Remember, as far as Marigold knows, this was her first real relationship.

  11. Will says:

    Meredith, I love your work beyond. But if you choose THIS moment to take another month break…..

  12. Sonny-D says:

    Does anyone else think Eve looks like 2D in the last panel?

  13. Tessa says:

    dun dun dunnnnn

  14. BaronHaynes says:

    December 2010: National 'Fallout From Webcomic Characters Break-Up' Month

    (also, the page layouts in this storyline are delicious)

  15. Cece says:

    Awwww! Eve's short lil' pins…

  16. annonymous says:

    Marigold dated a nerd once. She said so in the tag storyline. So presumably, she's had relationships which were mere brush-offs, thus not requiring the brownie treatment. Possibly.

  17. Heidi says:

    If I'm understanding correctly, and Will and Marigold have been dating for two years, then Marigold really should not flip out. Not if she's an adult anyway.

    If Eve and Will had jumped into bed, or had regular make-out sessions, then obviously, that's a different story.

    But one kiss at the beginning of the relationship spawned by jealously? Eve has been a good friend to Marigold in the two years after the incident.

    If Marigold seriously holds this over Eve's head, if she really allows a minor hiccup such as this destroy their friendship, then I will finally lose all respect for Marigold.

    • Nick says:

      I'd agree, they kissed once- 2 years ago.

      That said, Will has always had a soft spot for Eve, and there's a chance Marigold has already had her suspicions- or if not, may now notice it.

      Also, Marigold is really sensitive right now. It's already been mentioned that Will is (technically) her first love.

      As everyone already said, this comic could go any way, but for now, this arc may be my favourite.

      • jenna says:

        Well, of course Mar may suspect that Will has a soft spot for Eve – it was pretty well known in their circle of friends that Eve and Will used to date, and the only reason they broke up was because Will sells pot to make a living, and Eve couldn't stomach that. (My husband posed it to me: if he sold pot, would I still have married him? Well, after laughing at the hilarity of my slightly preppy, sweet and mostly law-abiding husband selling weed, I said that the weed wouldn't bother me; I think it should be legal. But the fact that his income was from an illegal activity would bother me a great deal. If pot were legalized it would be no problem).

        Anyway. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Mari genuinely believed that Will and Eve were done-o, and there was nothing left there, and that Eve's revelation came as a huge shock…but she must have known that Will and Eve dated once upon a time.

        Two years, though? I don't recall that ever being mentioned in the comic; only the comments.

        • Nick says:

          Well, 2 years ago was when their relationship was announced via comic. It was the valentines day arc, but I'm pretty sure it started in January.

    • Chris says:

      However Marigold reacts, Eve really shouldn't have brought that up. It may make her feel better to get that off her chest, but who does it help, aside from assuaging her own guilt?

    • nothings says:

      Just out of curiosity, where does the 'two years' come from? I assume I missed some indication of time passing, because I'd have thought it was a lot more recent then that.

      • Heidi says:

        I thought so too, until people were telling me otherwise. I checked out when the first comics went up hinting they were dating, it was well over a year ago (when Eve kissed Will, people were posting comments in August 09).

        I know the timeline in a comic is different from reality. Two panels can just be one day, and the third can be several days later.

        After skimming through the story arcs, I can see why people are estimating now at it being (roughly) two years.

        Although, granted, in Marigold's defense, I dated a guy once for about a year, and after our breakup I fell apart. I've dated guys longer and never had that happen before, but it was my first love.

        Happily, I eventually found a much better person.

    • MerchManDan says:

      Oh, for the love of….

      *facepalm* Really? Marigold hasn't even reacted yet, and you already hate how she's reacting? SERIOUSLY??

  18. Patricia says:

    "Octopus Pie" is the only comic I can get through my work's firewall. I'm so glad. I love the heart this comic has, and I'd be sad to miss an update. Or worse yet, wait until I'm home to read it.

  19. Andrew says:

    I really like how quick and tense this feels in comparison to the preceding strips. Good way to build up suspense over the weekend.

    Eve's probably just assuaging her own guilt, I agree, but she's also being honest with Mar, which is more than can be said of Hannah. Even if now's not the right time she's still doing better by Mar just by confronting shit with her instead of making it all disappear.

  20. Krimson says:


    Memory-erasing food first, self-damning secrets later. Duhhh.

    • damien walder says:

      In the narrative, this is the only meaningful time for Eve to do both things: that is being honest about the kiss (and ongoing attraction) to Will as well as giving her the cure. She's neither completely self-serving nor solely an Agent of Hanna's guilt – there is a social compunction at work, to balance all the priorities Eve has before her, even if it's not ideal.

      However – We haven't even asked if Marigold would want the cookie's 'effect', so that kind of spoils the good intentions. And telling Marigold _after_ the cookie is eaten would be more useful as a test of the cookie, than of Eve's determination to be honest.

  21. Patch says:

    Panel 4 Eve: Epic.

    Also the alt text is the best alt text.

  22. lol i love Eve's little legs under the table in the last panel ^_^

  23. StephenM3 says:


    The brownout biscuit actually does nothing. Marigold is just the sort of person who flips out for a few days, then tries her best to shove the tragedy out of her mind.

    As we can see on this page, Marigold has already started to get over things a bit, to gather her thoughts. Had the conversation gone on naturally, Marigold would have cheered up further, and Eve and her would have formed a new bond of friendship. Eve and Hanna would have convinced themselves that it was the biscuit that did it, like every time.

    But this time Eve is doing her Major Confession right before Mar eats the buscuit. Eve is hoping she can get it off her chest, and then get away with it because the snack will leave Mar not caring. This might just be the event that will prove that the "magic" of the brownout biscuit isn't really there.

    Just a random thought theory. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm totally off-base.

    • David says:

      I really hope that's where this is going.

    • jenna says:

      Hmmm. Except…I believe that Hanna believes in the powers of the brownout biscuit, but I am surprised that Eve was convinced so easily. For a character I see as a huge skeptic…

      • Mayday says:

        Eve is cynical, and I think she probably *wants* to have a skeptical outlook. But note that in the (albeit non-canon) Halloween arc, she's a little bit afraid of ghosts. Heehee.

    • CLR says:

      I don't think Marigold will eat the cookie, and I think Eve is telling Mar about kissing Will because it would be the honest, no-crap-involving-strange-cookies way to go about things. Hanna is adorable but she's over the top on this one and it's Eve job to kind of counterbalance her craziness.

      Also, best plot twist ever.

  24. lil says:

    i love you, ning.

    ….and meredith, i'm quite fond of you.

  25. ed g. says:

    "The brownout biscuit actually does nothing" Right. Except for the silly Halloween story, there's been nothing supernatural in Octopus Pie. Right? So this isn't either.

    Working theory: Marigold takes the "brownout biscuit" as a social signal: "when my best friend Hanna gives me a really foul-tasting baked good, that means she thinks it's time I shut up about my breakup."

  26. AlmostLiterally says:

    Oh, also, if Marigold freaks out too much about the kissing thing, then that'll…that'll be lame. Because she was willing to ditch Will for Victor, like -that-. (snapping finger noise here).

    • Humps-Freely says:

      Ummmm, Who Wouldn't Want Victor?

      • AlmostLiterally says:

        That's beside the point.

      • Sebastian says:

        I don't think Victor's coming back. He's legendary; more inclusion of him could spoil his mysteriousness. Also, Marigold is practically shattered by her break-up. She's too unstable right now to just rebound with Victor.

        Man, does that sound like a soap opera or what? Octopus Pie is like a soap opera in that if you start reading it, you're mindlessly addicted to it. And I adore that (despite that I'm not fond of soap operas whatsoever).

        • Sela says:

          Scarily enough, I think Octopus Pie is a little more realistic.

        • AlmostLiterally says:

          Oh, not saying she would rebound. I don't want Victor to come back – it would crush his mystery. I'm saying she was about to ditch him. Though I guess Humps-Freely is kind of right. That WAS Victor.

  27. DCN says:

    10 bucks, Eve didn't even put the Brownout Cookie on the plate, but bought a similar cookie from the coffee shop.

  28. poot says:


  29. Alex says:


  30. Munkiman says:

    Which exact comic was this? I NEED CONTEXT FOR MY DRAMA.

  31. Toderico says:

    Love the art style, great story lines, keep doing what your doing, whatever it is.

  32. Not gonna happen says:

    I betrayed you trust and am most likely caused the greatest suffering of your adult life… Now eat your cookie.

  33. Fayerocksmysocks says:

    I think it is really lame of Eve to unload her guilty concience thinking that Mar is going to forget.. which I assume is whats happening here. I wonder if she would have told her had the whole muffin of amnesia thing not been brought up? Also I don't think it has been 2 years that Mar and Will have been togethor has it?

  34. usben says:

    When happened that kiss?? i can't remember : (

  35. Kevina says:

    Possibly: Eve saying this will remove Will from the position of Mar's object of "dearest affections", whether intentionally, or unintentionally, thereby rendering the brownout cookie ineffective. That would serve to perpetuate the myth of whether or not the cookie is actually effective, and also help Mar put Will into perspective, as someone whom she did not want/need to be with.


  36. Heidi says:

    I thought this was interesting, after seeing the comment on Eve's legs in the last panel. I noticed Marigold's as well. It's an article on body language:


    I wonder if this was deliberate or not on Meredith's part. It would make a lot of sense if she did do this on purpose!

  37. Sela says:

    That kiss wasn't entirely her fault and they kind of initiated action simultaneously. It's interesting that she's taking full blame for it.

    Or maybe not. I guess that's just her thing, isn't it.

  38. Justim says:


  39. John says:

    Oh god, worst freaking time possible for that to blurt out…

    She's screwed.

  40. Arkadi says:

    Oh Dammn….

  41. Coronimo says:

    Luckily it is eve who is armed with a scalding hot beverage and Marigold with the brownout biscuit, not the other way around.

  42. Anton says:

    Oh yes, I recall something was festering somewhere.

  43. T9SayWha says:

    Discussion, discussion, discussion. This is why I love the fans of Octopus Pie. Always speculating on what comes next. Reading all these comments makes me giddy :3

  44. Defcise says:

    I have just gotten into your web comic about 2-3 weeks ago and i have sat here glued to my computer screen working and reading. i must say that this is one of the most engaging web comic i have ever read…. I cant get enough of this stuff. It's like Friends mix with interesting and the story lines are genius. I love whats going on here and I must say, never stop.

  45. Alex says:

    Your comics are just so fucking excellent. I can't even deal with this.

  46. Bluebell says:

    Oh, this comic has me drawn to it like a fly to a lamp. I really adore the way Meredith can keep me coming back to this only using words and ink. Most television shows or movies can't do what onepanel of "Pie" does. I can't wait to see how this arc ends, and if Will and Eve get together or not. I hope so.

    Also, Marigold: Please don't try to throttle Eve's throat like a jealous teenager. You're an adult, and I know it's the first big relationship that you remember, but try to be reasonable.

  47. Daniel Nicolas says:

    what if Eve is the one that eats the cookie?

  48. Fish says:

    oh shiiii

  49. Reo says:

    Mari looks sexy.

    Very sad and tired, but sexy.

  50. I'm here! It's Monday! What's happening??

  51. ParisSmiles says:

    I love how Eve's legs don't even touch the floor.