#343 – turn it off

November 23rd, 2009

#343 – turn it off


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  1. Steve-O 2.0 says:

    Oh my goodness gracious. The faces on this strip are awesome, especially Hannah (Hana?) in the second to last. Glad to see some new material.

    Oh, and because I have to by internet law: first.

  2. Strubisatoaster says:

    Oh man, oh man. The progression of Hanna's expression from panel one to panel three gave me so much glee. Her face in panel three made me laugh so hard. Great story arc so far.

  3. Holdies says:

    Hanna looks like seriously Tiny Kitten Teeth cute in panel 5 – motherfucker is straight up adorable.

  4. Arrow of Thyme says:

    Oh yeah yeah, it's all fun and games if you've never actually listened to the Shaggs, but this strip is giving me flashbacks


  5. Almost Literally says:

    Hanna's face made me cry from laughter.

    Then I looked the music up on youtube. It made me cry from pain. Now I feel depressed, have humans really fell to THAT low of a low?

  6. Krimson says:

    Hanna is SADISTIC. This is why I love her.

  7. Alex says:

    Wow, this really is the worst music ever! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxPsXPCR5MU

    • Kneethan says:

      According to the YouTube video you posted, The Shaggs were voted #3 best band in the world in a Norwegian newspaper in April 1988. Then again, considering all of Norway avoids vowels like the plague, I don't have much confidence in their assessment.

  8. Tess says:

    This is amazing! I love The Shaggs!!!!!

  9. Yes. "It's Halloween" is my for-real favorite holiday song. I am not joking.

  10. Randall Drew says:

    Panel 3 faces make me all gooey inside.

  11. McNajee says:

    So i assume the alt txt dosent work….hmm, i feel slow for trying

  12. Mike says:

    My pal's name is Foot-Foot.

  13. Gazelle says:

    Eve's response to The Shaggs is the perfect way to respond to a first hearing of that…"music".

  14. bass-ic sense says:

    I feel empathic to Eve, this song could melt one's brain…..such a horrible beat….instruments played so badly…*shutter*

  15. Rango says:

    So I foolishly bought the Shaggs album and now I am afraid to play it. It has been sitting (unopened) in my apartment for about a month.


  16. Me says:

    Its like the female Captain Beefheart, its fabulous.

  17. Tatsubei Yagyu says:

    Don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks Panel 2 is the best.

    The glorious combo of Eve's descend into despair, and Hanna's single "Yes." absolutely killed me.

  18. Isabelle says:

    the government should consider using this…if it can make her descend into madness that quickly, it's a surefire torture technique! Poor Eve, I've felt like this before (accordion music).

  19. Kyle H. says:

    This is more or less what a friend and I do to each other with Dolph Lundgren/Steven Seagal movies.

  20. JayZeroSnake says:

    Panel 5 for some reason makes me think of sex and fear.

  21. Ken says:

    The first type of Rick Rolling XD

  22. justme says:

    most liked comment from youtube vid of this song:

    "this is what they play on elevators in hell"

    i had to listen to it. but i only made it through about half the song. and now it's stuck in my head.

    dear god, my ears are bleeding.

  23. muddkipz says:

    oh god. This song really is horrible.

  24. Peter says:

    The alt-text link (octopuspie.com/worstmusic.png) doesn't work anymore. Could you put it back up please, Meredith? (Not that I have any plans on using it…it just seems incomplete and misleading for the alt-text to mention a link that no longer works.)

  25. ross says:

    i actually disagree, i think it's great. no irony here.

  26. Suddenly it's very clear to me why God is an Astronaut only plays instrumental music.

  27. Joe says:

    1 <3 panel 5 of hanna

  28. @Reilaos says:

    The alt-text link leads nowhere. I guess that's my fault for reading this half a decade late. Anyone know what it was?