#226 – floating away

November 28th, 2008

#226 – floating away

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was a-ok! I’ll be starting a new storyline next week.

Friday’s painting will be up in the early afternoon. I’m afraid I had a bit too much Tofurkey and Wall-E and am just plum worn out!


Discussion (9)¬

  1. LaurenStav says:

    This really made me smile :-)

  2. Rune says:

    If Charlie Brown can find something to smile about, then anyone can.

  3. daken says:

    i thought about the kid in the balloon

  4. scruffy says:

    somebody please tell me this actually happened!

  5. Jesse says:


  6. Random says:

    What is going on? I am so baked right now…

  7. Leith says:

    So gorgeous

  8. Paul says:

    What a great tribute to Sparky Schulz]