#209 – no control whatsoever

October 17th, 2008

#209 – no control whatsoever

Sorry for the late one. Blogging from Boston! I gotta get home now.


Discussion (7)¬

  1. Nanakigirl3 says:

    Now THAT'S the American Dream. =)

  2. JayZeroSnake says:

    Welcome to america!

    *shotgun blast*

  3. Catherine says:

    olly looks extra grown up in the next to last panel.

  4. LaraCorp says:

    this is awsome this comic has i baked baker and a rican, and nerdy asians. it totaly suits me, im a rican baker who used to get baked and i love asians lol

  5. Jesse says:

    Olly's puerto rican? I thought he was Greek…probably a mission hill holdover.

  6. Queen Roy says:

    Last panel, facial expression on Olly, epic. He's like a Mr. Krabs for grown folks.