#112 – dressbarn

February 20th, 2008

#112 – dressbarn


Discussion (17)¬

  1. Harvey says:

    Hut-hut oh SNAP

  2. Bevan7 says:

    what the hell is an x-medium?

  3. Almost Literally says:

    An extra medium.

  4. Thats like… An intense gray.

  5. Orca says:

    Super Beige!

  6. AdMan says:

    Oh no she din'nt *snap, snap, snap*

  7. walnut49 says:


  8. Amake says:

    Their store has a poor sortiment and she's the one who gets uppity?

  9. Mr. F says:

    Oh, how I'd kill for a burgershirt.

  10. Carvin says:

    I'd shank that bitch with a spoon, a fuckin' spoon. And piss in it.

  11. Eduardo says:

    Oooooh, stereotypical bitch of a saleswoman.

    Those usually die first in action flims, don't they?

  12. Mosrael says:

    Hahaha mean girls?

    "Hannah stop trying to make "fetch" happen. It's. Not. Going. To. Happen."

  13. Zillah says:

    Pretty sure I'd have to punch a skeleton in the face for wearing a shirt of donut print. Just sayin'.

  14. Inter says:

    That burger shirt reminds me of a sweater Mabel wears in Gravity Falls.