#110 – our brooklynian life

February 15th, 2008

#110 – our brooklynian life


Discussion (18)¬

  1. Harvey says:

    Breasts! 😀

  2. Almost Literally says:

    Hanna crouching near the toaster is adorable.

  3. Bevan7 says:

    Oh god yes, this is AWESOME!

  4. Orca says:

    This comic just gets better and better 😀

  5. AdMan says:

    Door's Hanna, Door's.

  6. Bryy says:

    This comic never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Sha-Ra says:

    The reason I love Hanna so much: she looks exactly like a Ren and Stimpy character :)

  8. me says:

    Stretchy arms…I think Eve's becoming Mr. Fantastic.

  9. JayZeroSnake says:

    HOLY SHIT Jumping out the window most awesomely! your awesomeness is confirmed!

  10. Laup says:

    Aaaaaadventure time!

  11. Jer says:

    Yeah, that window jump panel is pretty much hysterical.

  12. kvweber says:

    This American Life parody: awesome-awesome-awesome.

  13. SofakingAMAZING says:

    Last panel = win

  14. Alecia says:

    This last panel is still my favorite panel in the entire comic to date.

  15. Retroberrii says:

    Reading the comments, I love this division between how people view Hanna and Eve. In the first comic Hanna went topless, the general comment was 'Boobs!" With Eve? "Breasts!"